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Who is ozLan?

ozLan started in 2003 to provide Internet Development services.

Initially focusing on static websites, I quickly realised the growing need for dynamic, or data driven, websites. Around the same time, a new website development framework named CodeIgniter was released. It was, and still is, the best platform to develop dynamic data driven websites on. Also around that time, businesses were starting to realise the need to be able to sell their products and services online, instead of just having an informational website. I decided to concentrate on e-commerce websites. Back then, e-commerce websites were stand alone affairs, separate from any internal accounting systems the business may use. After a couple of years, customers started asking if it were possible to integrate their website with the internal accounting system they were using. Luckily, technology was improving with a lot of development in data integration. Accounting system providers were aware of this development and started releasing API modules to provide a system for their customers to connect the internal system with their website. This allowed complete customer, order, and stock integration. This technology has continued to improve and here at ozLan we can provide you with the most modern data integration solutions available.

Over the years we have been involved in many website builds. Some we have done ourselves. Others, we have been part of a larger team. Also, as an internet technology developer, ozLan has been involved in projects that you can't even see directly. These are part of the "glue" that helps piece together the internet. What we now call the Cloud.


Complete Web Presence Management

We can help with all of the technical stuff. Domain Name registration, Hosting choice and setup, Email, Data Integration, Database management, Social Platform Choice and Integration.

Time saving

Over time, we have developed a number of dedicated function code libraries that are ready to plug in to build your new website. This saves development time which means you save money.


UX stands for User eXperience. It is the design and flow of your website. Modern templating ensures your customers can understand and use your website with minimal issues.


Responsive design ensures your customers can view, and use, your website effectively, whether they are using a computer, tablet, of smart phone.


Search Engine Optimisation is included in all of our websites. It is very important that search engines know about your website so they can include it in their listings for relevant searches. We can manage Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for you.


We are here to help. From initial project concept through to operational website, we have done it all. We know our way around the Internet and can manage domain names, hosting, email, newsletters, SEO, and Social Marketing, for you.

What We Do


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